featured in Anthology

featured in Anthology

featured in Anthology

Nouveau boheme no.6

This year has been full of struggle and strive.

And beauty.

And inspiration beyond measure.

Back in January, I received a wonderful little message via fortune cookie at the little local Hong Kong restaurant, and it read:

featured in Anthology

(it is actually time stamped on Instagram!)
Now, I don’t believe that I could have read this and assumed I’d just sit back and all manner of good fortune would be thrown my way… no…

what it actually did, was kickstart the engine.

I worked harder, practiced often, experimented, but 2013 was fraught with one obstacle, after another, and I made mistake, after mistake, after mistake, after mistake…

(of all of my creations as an artist and maker, I will continue to stock those!)

but I never have a shortage of perseverance for things I am truly passionate about. whether I’d garnered any attention at all, I will and would have kept at it… but I am so thankful and humbled that I have touched but a few with my particular brand of color, and inspirations…

Yesterday I woke up late… lazily sauntered into the kitchen and over to the counter to make my coffee, hugged my (oh so wakeful) children, brought said coffee back to my desk in my bedroom and sat back on the end of the bed.

As I thumbed through my apps on my phone I “lightly” checked my email and was pleasantly surprised that I had received a twitter message from Anthology magazine that read:

A little Monday morning beauty, courtesy of artist @KianaMosley: http://shar.es/9b1oy

When I clicked the link – I’m not gonna lie – right in front of my children – who were showing me all of their early morning lego/art creations – I literally did a backwards roll/flip from the end of the bed, right up to the pillows.

The room was filled with laughter… and we jumped on the bed for a good 10-15 minutes.

here is the full post in Anthology magazine

featured in Anthology

Nouveau boheme no.5

Thank you so much for the wonderful end of year feature – It has just made me truly revel in all that’s happened… the paths I have crossed, the help, and inspiration and support I’ve received in steering this humble little maker/artist career along the right channels – in hopes that 2014 will allow me to color the homes, or textiles or lives of those who have a kindred style, or aesthetic or can just appreciate my (ahem)  “particular brand”  of candor and/or art.

Happy New Year!

With so much gratitude ~