is just so... well... GREAT! is just so… well… GREAT!

Yes, I have shared and I will share and share again (till you beg me to stop!) but I may not be able to, because my excitement in colaborating with these wonderful artists and tastemakers is more than I can contain!
Plus, having one’s art featured on the website of international publications is just such a great validating and beautiful feeling… I hope you visualize my spongebob-esque beaming face even as I type…
Today I was surprised by another email that was on the Home Page of Country Living Magazine’s website! The lovely Holly Becker the amazing author/stylist/biz-lady and founder of the blog Decor8 chose the succulent garden watercolor to stock in her beautiful shop (Thank you!) and that piece landed us a feature!
again, queue chesire cat grin.
here is the link to the whole feature, which highlights a few other wonderfully talented artists and designers! | greatly
Thank you for reading ( and beaming all silly-like with me!)
xo Kiana