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Looking back on 2013 – Feature on The Jealous Curator

Looking back on 2013 - Feature on The Jealous Curator Looking back on 2013 - Feature on The Jealous Curator

for my second post I’m going to have to backtrack a bit… back to September when I got the most wonderful gift from Danielle Krysa of The Jealous Curator…
I had originally answered a call for art for the up and coming Fig House of Los angeles, to which the amazing creator/founder Steve Fortunato kindly cc’d Danielle and Emily Henderson – the curators for this incredible space…
Unfortunately I had answered the call too late…
BUT, the feedback I had received was completely worth the effort…
See, for the past year (or two…) up till then I had/have been tirelessly working/honing/developing my style and craft, while self-marketing and had opened just about every possible online art marketing platform account there was… but what I lacked, was a somewhat proper website portfolio. My blog was turning into a food/lifestyle blog, and I was finding less time for my art… So I halted everything – took a short break (what’s that? I have kiddos!) But regained my focus for the career I was intent on building, and slapped together a proper (ish) website.
When I shared it with Danielle, I was surprised ~pleasantly~ but still surprised to hear her feedback – mostly regarding my reclusive watercolors… My focus had been on the canvas work and I had only barely regarded the watercolors… but she thought differently about them
 Thankfully she did, because now I see that it took another artists eye to see what I couldn’t seem to.
And so, on September 17th of this year, 2013 – I “landed” (or as I refer to one of the most incredible gifts of my burgeoning career) a feature in the jealous curator’s blog – and the momentum has been building since.
With so much gratitude Danielle!
Please go check out her website if you are not already familiar… her finds, filter, candor, and summaries are just amazing, and have brought the art world to a whole new level in my humble opinion
Thanks for reading,
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