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Lovely Links from 2013

Like I said before, 2013 was just a bit of crazy – full of blessings and equal parts of all manner of stress and negative obstacles, all mixed together.

But my focus on sustaining a healthy and thriving family and strong desire to work toward making a few ripples in the art world kept me going…So with the help and support of friends and family and the  amazing community of creatives and makers whom I’d like to share with you, here are some of the incredible people that granted this little artist blog features last year – that,  if I’m being very honest, made it a lot easier to cut through all the B.S. – with so much beautiful sunshine streaming through the clouds.

At the bottom of each pic is a link to the full feature of each – starting from the latest all the way back to when it all began…

Lovely Links from 2013Joanna Hawley / Jojotastic Lovely Links from 2013Antholology magazine Lovely Links from 2013Justina Blakeney est 1979 Lovely Links from 2013Artsy Forager Lovely Links from 2013Jennifer Cederstam Lovely Links from 2013

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