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We are now LIVE on GREAT.LY!

I told you in my last post that some really incredible momentum has been underway with current work, and that I would share when it was time – remember the little teaser: it’s gonna be “great” (harhar) get it now? get it?

the new innovative site GREAT.LY opened it’s virtual doors quietly on May 15th at first, and the as of last Thursday, a Grand Opening was announced – and with it came some really incredible features in ELLE DECOR and POP SUGAR

It has been nothing short of exhilerating to be a part of this art/maker MOVEMENT!

But that’s just it – it is a definitely a movement, and movements usually consist of many individuals with a common goal and desire to change – and in this case, the CEO Sarah Bryden-Brown came up with an incredible platform to change how makers and tastemaker connect to beautify, design and create – and then share with the world!

One of the most instrumental people in my “blossoming” little art career The Jealous Curator Danielle Krysa – invited me to join forces with her and the other INCREDIBLE cast member of this show, and of course I leaped/parkoured/trampolined at the opportunity!

But it didn’t stop there… she has always given me such incredible support and advice since the day we made contact – I truly respect her expertise, not only as an incredible artist herself, but as a curator, teacher, writer, motivational speaker, etc… she is amazing (praise fest over here!) Whilst on her book tour, (in the middle of writing and curating for, like, THE WORLD)  I was actually able to meet her in person, and I nervously joked while likening her to an Art world “Ninja” per se – and started to call her “The Krysa” – as the newest, most powerful member of the Wu Tang Clan… (lol) but it’s true – because she’s a badass…


under her direction after viewing and diggin’ on some new modern foliage concepts I had posted on my Instagram, she had asked me to come up with something by further developing that concept for her boutique. And she wanted it to be BIG.

So this was the result:

We are now LIVE on GREAT.LY!

of course there are a few others (because i can never just stop at one when I’m on a roll!)

but ‘Sifu’ Krysa said “yes, yes, good good…”  so we went with it!

as a collaborative piece, we discussed the potential for three limited edition print runs, perhaps… but right now there are only two options, one for the smaller appetite, at 11×14 and for those wanting a large/bold statement piece at 18×24. These are exclusive to GREAT.LY – signed and numbered – and when they are gone, they are “gone, baby gone…”

So – go check out the new site! There are some really amazing designers, artists and bloggers involved, such as: Design Milk, Actress Autumn Reeser, Chelsea Jones of Featherstone Market, Gabriel Cabrera of The artful Desperado, Melissa Coleman of the FauxMartha, Kelly Beall of Design Crush, Bri Emery of DesignLoveFest, Emily Quinton of Makelight Studio, Son of a Sailor, Dave Hime of Japanese Trash, Krista and Tami of Cloth and Kind, Jen Bishop of Interiors Addict, ABCD Design and so sooo many more and of course my favorite boutique here: Gallery Jaloux by The Jealous Curator herself!

Ps: you will find some incredible work of hers on the site as well – incredibly beautiful and unique collage pieces, stocked by some of your favorites listed above! ie: Growth no.1

Man… Just wait til’ she starts painting…

Thank you so much for your support and appreciation,



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